Thursday, 13 July 2017

Swingers Club

Saturday night for me personally was one of the most exciting and satisfying things to have happened for long. Our swingers club went hi-tech and we had our first virtual world party in Goa  Swingers Club. Though it was done in a rented Sim but it was still great fun.
Those who know how to play Goa Swingers Club well would tell you that most of the time the experience would even beat the real life experience (ask me :-)).
This is after all what every Indian Swinger looks forward too- Confidentiality, Secrecy, Safety and Fun and this is something you can get easily in Goa  Swingers Club.

Who is qualify to join us?
Couples who are married or having a long term relationship. Single lady/female who wish to explore further into having 3some or group sex without commitment. Single lady/female that is bi-sexual.

Who is NOT qualified to join?
Single guy/male not allows joining. Gay not allows joining.

How do we get start?
For couples, you must ensure that your partner especially the lady is ready and willing to swap with other couple for sex in the same room. Some guy brought their wife or girlfriend to the party without telling them the actual situation. When their partner only knew this in the last moment, she got freak out and left immediately or caught in an odd situation. Both of you must discuss over this matter before joining. You must not have jealousy as this does not involve feeling of love but rather a physical sexual excitement.

How your membership can be approved by owner of the club?
Upon joining at Goa  Swingers Club, you receive an email "Pending for Membership" from us. In the email, you are requiring to reply with your personal details with contact number, can send picture of your and your partner if you feel comfortable. Your picture will be kept discreet by the owner of the club. All approved members which consist of Professionals, Senior Management from large corporation; business people etc have submitted their picture.

During Party, what are the charges?
You only pay for sharing the cost of Hotel room rental which will be shared and usually will be per couple basis, depending on the number of couple turning up. That’s all you have to pay.
One thing for sure, we could assure you are that in any occasion or party there is always a house rule. The house rule is final. When a lady says NO to a guy or couple who approach her, it means NO. So if you are new in swinging and like to join party, don't worry at all as you are in safe hand.

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